Is your baby unsure about their cot?

You probably spent your entire pregnancy getting the nursery ready for baby. Has your baby ever slept in that perfect room you created? Is your baby unsure about their cot or their room? It is a real thing, babies can fear their own sleep space.

Perhaps you’ve been bed sharing or co-sleeping and you are trying to get baby comfortable with their own sleep environment? Perhaps your baby is going through a period of separation anxiety and doesn't feel secure in their room without you. Whatever the reason I recommend room and cot acclimation activities with you and your child to support them through this stage. Through cot acclimation you can instill security and make your baby feel safe in their own sleep environment.


Spend 15 minutes each day (away from naps and bedtime) having special time with your child in their room.


This includes cuddles, reading, peekaboo, tickles, hide and seek etc.


If your child is okay in the room but particularly scared of their cot you can slowly build up to getting them in the cot to play. Initially just bond in the room, then work on getting your child to put some toys inside the cot and finally you want your child to be able to get into the cot with their toys. They may only stay in the cot a short time initially, this is okay. A great game to play (involving the cot) is to hide some teddies under a blanket and get baby to find them.


Your baby feels more confident about their room and sleep space, they learn that the environment is a secure place. If your baby has never slept in their cot or room before you could work on having some sleeps in their cot one nap at a time.

If you need more support in this area contact me to discuss your challenges in more detail.

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