Sleep Deprivation – The Impacts

Most of you would recognise the impact that a lack of sleep has on you. You will recognise the way you feel without sleep, compared to the way you feel when you do sleep well. Personally, without sleep I feel rubbish and I am okay to say that. My mood is altered, my patience is limited and I don’t feel myself without sleep. I don’t like this feeling. Occasionally when my children are unwell and their sleep habits are negatively affected (as a result), I am reminded of what it is like to not sleep adequately. I am glad that this is not something I experience long-term or consistently. With sleep I am a better version of me, I am a better Mum and I am a better wife. This isn’t because I am a terrible person without sleep, without sleep I am still me. But with sleep I am positioned to perform at my best, I am in my optimal state and this is the best state to be in for a busy Mum with two small children.

There are going to be stages where we experience periods of reduced sleep i.e. when we have a newborn baby, this is inevitable. Or for example when we are unwell or our children are unwell we may have difficulty sleeping. BUT… we don’t need to continue sleeping poorly long-term. Having a child doesn’t mean you have to continue to be sleep deprived. Children are capable of sleeping well. Children are programmed to sleep and they will sleep well if we provide the tools and the support that they need for sleep.

With continued poor sleep your family can be impacted. Sleep deprivation doesn’t just alter the way you feel it has a knock on effect to other areas in your life. Your relationship with your partner may be impacted. Research has shown that there is a direct link between sleep deprivation, marital conflict and divorce. Children are affected by marital conflict and this in itself can cause further difficulty with their sleep. Again, its a knock on effect. Parenting is challenging, it isn’t supposed to be easy. Work with your partner in unity and support each other through challenges. Most importantly solve problems that can be solved. Sleep challenges can be solved. Getting rest for your family can happen. Sometimes it can be difficult to see a way forward, it can be difficult to see how you would change your current circumstances and it can be overwhelming to consider the best way to make positive changes.

If you need support or you would like to talk about your current sleep situation then arrange a free chat with me. I would love to help you and support your family to sleep well.

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