The #1 tip in resolving sleep

Sleep training, one of THE most controversial topics in parenting. Why do people get so caught up in what method you use or don't use to get your child to sleep? You will hear people telling you about the best method to use (which worked for them) and ones to avoid.

To be honest sleep can be resolved in many ways. It can be resolved with harsher sleep training methods (which I personally don't use). It can be resolved with gentle methods and everything in between. There are so many successful sleep pioneers out there who are successful for a reason, they have been able to get children to sleep better. But put aside the method, because the #1 tip in getting your child to sleep better is actually YOU and YOUR CHILD.

You are probably sitting there thinking wow Katie that is really unhelpful information. You might have tried many different methods only to be left with remaining sleep issues and increasing exhaustion? If you have tried to resolve your little ones sleep, perhaps you've read various books, hired a Sleep Consultant and researched for endless hours but still nothing is working, then I would review you and your little one. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Were you aware of what the foundations to quality sleep are before trying to make changes to your little ones sleep habits?

  • Was your child going into the process set up for success (was the room setup right, were awake/sleep windows right, was nutrition good, health and well-being okay just to name a few foundations)?

  • Did the method you choose feel right for you and your situation?

  • Did the method feel appropriate to use with your child?

  • Did you fully understand the method and were you comfortable in implementing it?

  • Did you have a confident and positive vibe when guiding your little one through the changes that you were trying to make?

Feeling comfortable, positive and confident is so important and has a direct impact on the success of any sleep work. Parents who are doing well find it easier to feel these things. However, when you are deeply exhausted and struggling it can very easily interfere with being able to feel comfortable, confident and positive in what you are doing. As parents we get anxious, nervous and a case of the "guilts", throw some confusion in there (thanks to all of the conflicting opinions and advice available) we have a roadblock before we even get started on resolving sleep issues.

For a child to become a better sleeper they need their parents to guide them through the changes with calm and confident vibes, without this any sleep work is pointless. You can be given all of the support and guidance to get sleep right but without your positive and calm execution the process fails. Being at a stage of readiness is critical. Your little one needs to understand what it is that you are trying to guide them through. They need your confidence and consistency so that they can feel comfortable with the changes and adapt to them as easily as possible, and with minimal upset.

This is an area I coach families in before we begin to embark on any sleep journey. I write about the importance of being calm, positive and consistent in each weekly action plan I send out. I offer one on one support and coaching but at the end of the day your child needs you to execute the plan happily, confidently, and lovingly. Results aren't instant but i'll guarantee you'll have them with my support and in conjunction with your positive feelings and certainty of your intentions and goals. So again the #1 tip in getting your little one to sleep better is you. Choose a method that feels right for you and your family and then make sure you are feeling ready for change.

If you're interested in talking to me about whether my approach is right for you then reach out. Send me a message or book a free chat via the link below.

You might need me to help you in your sleep journey but your child needs you. Together we can go on a beautiful journey to more sleep.

Katie x

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