The Hush Co. and Slumber & Sprout have come together to create The Complete Guide to Baby’s Day.


Helping you navigate through the daily scheduling of feeding, awake times & when to sleep from 4 Months to 2 years. This guide is simple to follow and supports having your baby sleep in sync with their sleep needs and not per set or rigid schedules.

What you’ll get from this guide:


  • A beautifully presented guide
  • You’ll know how many naps and how much sleep your baby needs for their age
  • A better understanding about your baby’s age appropriate awake windows and how they change each month
  • Sample feed/meal and sleep schedules (4-24 months)
  • Tips for the 3-2 and 2-1 nap transitions
  • Why we don’t recommend set bedtimes and how to schedule bedtime


**This is a downloadable file. This guide or any portion thereof may not be reproduced, shared or re-used in any manner whatsoever without our permission. The purpose of this guide is to operate on a single-use basis only**

The Complete Guide to Baby's Day

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