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As an experienced and certified Sleep Consultant I work with families to resolve baby & child sleep problems. I develop gentle and effective solutions which are created specifically to a family's unique set of circumstances.

Children are individual and their sleep challenges arise for many reasons. I believe it is not possible to offer a one size fits all approach when it comes to resolving sleep issues. Prior to developing your sleep plan I will complete an extensive review of your situation, allowing me to identify and address the underlying causes of your child’s sleep challenges. To have your family well rested and the results to be lasting, it is essential that we resolve the root causes affecting your little ones sleep. Your parenting philosophies, beliefs, sleep needs and sleep goals are also taken into consideration in the development of your sleep plan. 


As part of the extensive review I discuss the following areas with you:

  • Pregnancy and birth experience

  • Past or current medical issues

  • Family dynamics

  • Parenting philosophies

  • Sleep environment

  • Sleep expectations and goals

  • Feed, nap and sleep routines

  • Bedtime rituals

  • Nutrition

  • Current habits and sleep associations

  • Daily activity

  • Parent and child emotional wellbeing

  • Behavioural aspects

My solutions are effective because they are gentle and unique to your child. I involve you in the process to ensure that you are comfortable with the proposed positive changes. I provide you with ongoing support, guidance and education throughout the entire process.


I take pride in providing a service that brings understanding, warmth, support and the utmost care for your family. I will ensure the foundations to sleep are in place. I will show you how to implement healthy sleep habits. I will work with you closely to have you and your little one sleeping well.

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