I have worked with many families both locally to Perth and non-locally. It is a wonderful feeling reading the reviews that my clients share. Below you can read more about the experiences of other families that I have supported. You can also find reviews on my Facebook page.

'katie saved me, us, my family!'

"Sleep deprivation hit me and my house hard. I wasn't sleeping and Luka wasn't sleeping and I needed someone to help guide me. I didn't know what to do and just thought I would leave it until he outgrew it, but my anxiety was getting worse, the snapping was getting worse but I was so scared to ask for help. Then I met Katie and she assured me she could help me and that it would all be ok. The process was so gentle and more helpful than I could have ever imagined. I just kept getting more blown away each day as he learned to settle on his own. The naps got longer, the sleep distance longer, I never thought I would ever have a child who slept through the night but I do. I have a baby who goes into bed with no tears and goes to sleep after I walk out of the room, he then sleeps the entire night. I couldn't be more grateful for Katie for saving myself, my son, my sleep and my family."

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